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Since 1964, Capmatic® has provided its customers with the means to adapt to the changing marketplace through its unique packaging systems and unmatched passion for excellence and innovation.

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Semi-Automatic Production Machines

For new businesses creating test market samples or well-established companies with limited space or short productions runs, the Capmatic® family of semi-automatic machines are ideal for filling containers, and fitting a wide variety of screw and crimp-style caps. Using proven technology and components from our automated equipment, these machines are built and tested to the same rugged standards to ensure hassle-free operation and long-term reliability.

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Monoblock System

The Capmatic® monoblock system is ideal for filling, plugging or stoppering, capping and crimping. These full-featured multi-station platforms can be equipped with a variety of filling, capping and labeling systems to accommodate a wide range of products, plugs, and caps. The Capmatic® monoblock systems are designed to reduce operational costs and provide our customers with the ability to adapt to changing market demands and regulatory standards. Our monoblock system uses the latest technologies to achieve and verify accuracy in all phases of filling, capping and labeling processes. These units can accommodate a large range of (semi-viscous and viscous), tablet and powder products.

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Automatic Filling Platform

Capmatic® offers an extensive range of different filling technologies that can be directly integrated onto multiple filling platforms. This flexibility allows us to cater to many different industries, depending on the requirements. Each filling technology offers its own unique set of advantages to maximize the different needs required to reach the highest level of versatility and efficiency.

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Inline & Rotary Capping Platform

Capmatic® manufactures a wide range of capping equipment to handle plastic, metal and glass containers. Unique to the packaging industry, Capmatic® plugging and capping platforms can be designed as inline belt-driven systems, rotary chuck systems. Each capping system offers its own unique set of advantages to maximize the different needs required to reach the highest level of accuracy and efficiency.

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Tablet Line Equipment

Capmatic® electronic tablet counter is a technological innovation combining speed and accuracy in a compact design. Capmatic® manufactures distinctive models of equipment that are essential to build a complete tablet packaging solution. Capmatic® can also integrate any piece of its equipment on any existing line. Our solutions reduce change-over-time, ease the cleaning process and increase overall efficiency, productivity and profitability. Ideal for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and healthcare industries, our new compact tablet line of equipment will exceed all of your expectations.

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Labeling System

The LabelStar® family of pressure- sensitive labeling machines is a flexible and reliable way to handle all types of bottles. Capmatic® labelers are designed to meet current FDA requirements and follow cGMP guidelines while ensuring quick and easy setups. Capmatic® labelers were developed with the pharmaceutical standards in mind, and they are built around a low profile stainless steel base making them easy to clean and maintain.

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Optional Equipment

Capmatic® also compliments its packaging lines with a wide variety of accessories. From organisational like component/wetted change parts storage and transporting carts; to ergonomic options, such as HMI swivels or swing conveyors; not forgetting production accessories such as sensors, static elimination, particle counter. Capmatic® will always provide the right solution with the necessary options to facilitate and improve your process.

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Powder Line

Capmatic® powder filling solutions maintain the same rigorous cGMP requirements as our liquid and tablet solutions. Concentrating our efforts on precise micro-dosing, Capmatic® utilizes the latest servo motor and checkweighing technologies, as well as the necessary options to handle extremely precisely flowing and non-flowing materials. From semi-automatic to fully automated Monoblock solutions, our offerings are reliable, have a very sturdy design, with very few contact parts, all being FDA approved.

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Pump System

The SteelHeart ® system is Capmatic ® latest advancement in peristaltic filling technology. With full stainless steel construction it is well-known for its flexibility, accuracy, operational ease and is guaranteed against cross contamination. SteelHeart ® is a division of Capmatic ® mobile multi-head filing system and can be configured with up to 12 independent dispensing units. In its auto-calibration mode, this system can sample periodically through the integrated load cell to ensure that each servo drive maintains its accuracy within the programmed target fill range. Data acquisition can easily be processed or transferred between many compatible supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems.

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Experience & Services

Capmatic® designs and builds high quality, customized packaging solutions. We build things other people won’t. We do things other people can’t. We work from your specifications to design and build automated solutions. In addition to the machinery, we provide expertise for documentation, validation and installation. Customer service and after-sales support are our top priorities.

Activity Areas

At Capmatic® we provide extensive, personal assistance for developing validation documents that follow manufacturing processes, such as GAMP® 5 (Good Automated Manufacturing Practice). Capmatic® continues to implement the latest automation technologies, using the most innovative design and modern methodology, to manufacture the finest in customized packaging systems and equipment, and complete production lines. We have successfully adapted production lines for the following industries :