Capmatic® monoblock system is ideal for filling, plugging or stoppering, capping and aluminum cap crimping. These full featured multi-station platforms can be equipped with a variety of filling, capping and labeling systems to accomodate a wide range of products, plugs, and caps.

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Capmatic® Tablet & Pharma Line of equipment are designed to fill or count, place stoppers (partial or full insert), and crimp a wide range of containers, including microtubes and vials. These equipment range from sequential indexing system to high-speed rotary monoblocks.

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Capmatic® inline liquid filling systems meet a wide range of packaging applications. These platforms are ideal for both long and short production operations. Capmatic® utilizes the latest technologies to ensure that all fills are performed with control and the highest accuracy. The fillers are based on heavy-duty sanitary stainless steel frames with FDA approved product contact parts.

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Capmatic® manufactures a wide range of capping equipment to handle plastic, metal, and glass containers. Unique to the packaging industry, Capmatic® plugging and capping equipment can be designed as inline, indexing or high-speed rotary systems. Each machine is custom designed to improve operational efficiency.

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Capmatic’s labeling systems (LabelStar®) are versatile to adapt to changes in market demands. These systems can be configured to place labels on front, side, back, top, bottom, or panels of either glass, plastic or metal bottles, and cardboard cases.

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Capmatic® family of semi-automatic machines is ideal for filling, capping, crimping, and labeling a wide range of containers and caps. Each machine is built and tested to the same rugged standards as our automated systems to ensure hassle-free operation and long term reliability.

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Capmatic® equipment is well-known for it’s performance and reliability. Capmatic® designs and builds supporting equipment that provides numerous benefits. Our products are installed globally and have proven to lower long-term operational costs.

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Capmatic® has grown to becoming North America’s leading one-source manufacturer of liquid, tablet and powder (micro-dosage) packaging equipment. Since 1964, the company’s unique solutions and unmatched passion for excellence have provided its customers the means to adapt to the changing market.

Capmatic® is known in the industry for its unique European design and capability to minimize production costs through integrating multiple packaging applications on Monoblock systems. The organization engages in the manufacturing of full turnkey packaging lines of unscramblers, sorters, fillers, cappers, labelers, and the integration of cartoners, bundlers, and case packers.

Capmatic® turns its customer’s packaging vision into practical reality. Flexibility to handle a wide variety of containers and products, short change-over time, and higher yields are design features built into every Capmatic® machine.

Servicing the following industries:

Compliance With cGMP And FDA Standards