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Capmatic® has grown to become North America's leading one-source manufacturer of liquid, tablet and powder (micro-dosage) packaging equipment. Since 1964, the company's unique solutions and unmatched passion for excellence have provided its customers the means to adapt to the changing market.

Capmatic® is known in the industry for its unique European design and capability to minimize production costs through integrating multiple packaging applications on Monoblock systems. The organization engages in the manufacturing of full turnkey packaging lines of unscramblers, sorters, fillers, cappers, labelers, and the integration of cartoners, bundlers, and case packers.

Capmatic® turns its customers packaging vision into practical reality. Flexibility to handle a wide variety of containers and products, short change-over time, and higher yields are design features built into every Capmatic® machine.


President's Letterali

Thank you very much for considering our company and providing us the opportunity to present our unique flexble solutions. Capmatic® has always offered its customer the most comprehensive line of quality designed packaging equipment.

We are committed to your success and our cost-effective solutions will provide your company with the competitive edge to secure challenging opportunities and expand your markets. Our commitment to the long-term is seen in the continued investment in our people, our facilities, and research and development.

Our success is attributed to the growth of our customers and our people. The depth of service and talent makes us well positioned to meet the chanllenges of the global business environment. We are a company that acts globally, aligns regionally, but services locally.

ali signituresignet
Alioscia Bassani
Capmatic® Ltd

signetMain Products and Services

Since 1964, the company's unique solutions, unmatched passion for excellence and its dedication have provided its customers the means to adapt to the changing market.

With the extensive experience in manufacturing pre-set machinery under 21 CFR Part 11 of the FDA regulations, Capmatic has managed to provide high-quality customized Unscramblers, Sorters, Cleaners, Fillers, Pluggers, Crimpers, Cappers, and Labellers for customers. Moreover, the company has been keeping pace with current technology using the most innovative design and modern methodology to provide the optimum in customized equipment and overall production line for the Pharmaceutical, Diagnostic, Bio-Medical, Nutraceutical, Health Care, Cosmetics & Beauty Care, Chemical and Food & Beverage Industries.

Key Product Lines:
· Unscramblers
· Bottle Cleaners
· Fillers
     - Liquid Fillers
     - Cream Fillers
     - Powder Fillers
· Labelers
     - Pressure Sensitive
     - Neck Band
     - Body Sleeve
· Cappers · Crimpers
     - Pump Cappers/Crimpers
     - Over Cappers
· Tablet & Capsule Counter
· Desiccant Inserter
· Cotton Inserter
· Monoblocks
     - Fill/Plug/Cap/Label
· Integration

The Road to Excellencesignet


In recognition of world-class innovation capabilities in product design, Capmatic was honoured to win a prestigious award of excellence in 1976 presented by the Italian Chamber of Commerce.

The Tradition of Excellencesignet of tradition

old time

Loris and Alioscia beside a perfume filling machine, 1977, Milan

two generation

Lavinio assumed the role as the Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Capmatic in 2006 when Alioscia was appointed President and his brother Loris became Vice President and General Manager, 2010, Montreal

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