Capmatic® is the leader in automated packaging solution. Capmatic® recently hosted a private event in Salt Lake City, Utah and exhibited some of our finest Primary Packaging Equipment. The positive feedback from our attendees was an amazing success.

We invite you to watch our testimonial video and find out what our attendees had to say as we discussed the performance of some our products and how exclusive our packaging machinery can be!



Thank you very much for considering our company and for providing us with the opportunity to present our unique, flexible solutions. Capmatic® has always offered its customer the most comprehensive line of quality-designed packaging equipment.

We are committed to your success and our cost-effective solutions will provide your company with the competitive edge to secure challenging opportunities and to expand your markets. Our long-term commitment is demonstrated through the continued investment in our people, our facilities, and in research and development.

Our success is attributed to the growth of our customers and our staff. The depth of our service and talent makes us well positioned to meet the challenges of the global business environment. We are a company that acts globally, aligns regionally, and services locally.


Alioscia Bassani
Capmatic® Ltd




Alioscia and Loris learning and following in the footsteps of Lavinio Bassani in the packaging industry!


The tradition continues with the Capmatic core values of integrity, passion and devotion being passed on from father to his sons. Today, brothers Alioscia and Loris continue to build the future of Capmatic on that foundation.



Founded in Milan, Italy in 1964 by Lavinio Bassani ENG., Capmatic® made its mark as one of the most innovative manufacturers in the packaging industry. In the late 1970s, Canada, which was gain recognition in the world as a country with quality manufacturing capabilities, invited Mr. Lavinio Bassani to Canada to bring his world-class abilities and expertise in-house. Intrigued by the potential, in 1979 he decided to relocate his operations to Montreal, Canada. Since then, Capmatic® has grown to become North America’s leading manufacturer of liquid, tablet and powder packaging equipment.

Since 1964, the company’s unique solutions and unmatched passion for excellence has provided its customers with the means to adapt to the changing markets. We are known in the industry for our unique European design and ability to reduce production costs by integrating multiple packaging applications on monoblock systems. Our organization engages in manufacturing full turnkey packaging solutions, specializing in monoblocks, unscramblers, fillers, counters, pluggers, cappers, labelers and sleevers.



1964 - 1969

Lavinio Bassani working in his shop.

Lavinio Bassani on his shop floor.

Lavinio Bassani, Capmatic® founder, started developing his passion for technology with his father at a very early age. Through this passion, Mr. Bassani founded Capmatic® in Milan, Italy in 1964 and started developing the multi-station monoblock system for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, earning him a respectable reputation for his innovative solutions.

Capmatic® was founded in 1964 by Lavinio Bassani, a mechanical engineer in Milan, Italy where he successfully built his very first multi-application monoblock system with filling, plugging, capping , and labeling capabilities.

1970 - 1978

In recognition of world-class innovation in product design, Capmatic® was honoured to win a prestigious award of excellence in 1976, presented by the Italian Chamber of Commerce.

Lavinio's reputation for craftsmanship extended across the Atlantic Ocean and he was invited by the Government of Canada to consider moving his technology to Canada. After careful assessment of the North American packaging market, Lavinio recognizing a need for technology-driven, quality-built packaging equipment in Canada, and he decided to relocate to Montreal, Quebec, introducing European technology to North America in 1979.

1979 - 1989

An inside look at our machines on our shop floor!

In 1988, Capmatic® decided to concentrate its efforts in North-America, consequently choosing to close its facility in Italy and to build the first Capmatic® headquarters in Montréal, Canada.

1990 - 1999

Capmatic® at Montréal's local exhibition in 1992.

Following successful integration into the North American market, Capmatic moved its operation to a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in 1996, tripling its production capacity.

The engineering department is modernized with the latest development software.

2000 - 2010

Lavinio assumed the role as Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Capmatic® in 2006 when Alioscia was appointed as President and his brother, Loris, became Vice President and General Manager.

The PMMI Pack Expo Chicago show in 2010.

Mr. Bassani on the cover of "La Voce" magazine, 2002.

2011 - 2015

2014, celebrating Capmatic® 50th anniversary.

Charles D. Yuska, President of PMMI, honouring Mr. Lavinio Bassani with a special plaque for Capmatic® 50th anniversary at Pack Expo Chicago in 2014.

Charles D. Yuska, President of PMMI, posing with Mr. Lavinio Bassani (Chairman of the Board), Mr. Alioscia Bassani (President) and Mr. Loris Bassani (Vice President and General Manager) of Capmatic Ltd.

The Capmatic® booth at Pack Expo Chicago, 2014.

2016 - 2018

The Capmatic® sales team at the PMMI Pack Expo International show in 2016!

In January 2017, Capmatic® returned to its roots with its first European branch in Dublin, Ireland, to better serve the international market.