Automatic Filling Systems

Versafill™ (Pressure)

The Versafill™ is an automatic pressure filling machine for liquid, semi-viscous and foamy products. Ideal for thicker products, the Versafill™ offers a wider range of flexibility.

Versafill™ (Pressure)

Pressure Fill :

20 ml to 5 L (0.68 oz. to 176 oz.)

Nozzles :

6 to 24


Up to 200 BPM**

Standard Features:

  • Speed of up to 200 BPM**, depending on the final configuration
  • Perfectly adapted to handle, products with varying consistencies, foaming liquid to light viscous products
  • Integrated product pump feeder
  • Automatic level filling nozzles (up to 12)
  • Incorporated transfer/recovery tank with automatic level control
  • Quick repeatable changeovers
  • Fully tempered glass safety guarding system
  • Touch screen control

Available Options:

  • Neck centering device
  • Gutter system
  • Integrated bottle cleaner
  • C.I.P. tools system
  • Explosion-resistant model
  • Heated hopper
  • Agitator
Versafill™ (Pressure)

* Speed and performance criteria are subject to testing with actual samples.
** BPM = Bottles Per Minute.