Monoblock Systems

Bambino Arlecchino™ (Inline Single Index)

Bambino Arlecchino™ (Inline Single Index)

  • Clean
  • Feed
  • Fill
  • Cap

Application :

  • Mixing Balls|
  • Filling|
  • Brush Insertion|
  • Capping


Up to 40 BPM**

Designed For:

  • To operate at speeds up to 40* bottles per minute
  • To fill lacquers, gels and glitters
  • To insert stainless steel mixing balls
  • To insert a brush
  • To apply a screw cap
  • One-person operation
  • For quick, repeatable change-overs

Standard Features:

  • Meets FDA requirements, follows cGMP guidelines
  • Meets intrinsically safe / explosion resistant Class 1, Division 2 guidelines
  • Automatic bottle feeding and accumulation system
  • High-accuracy servo-driven volumetric piston
  • Servo-driven diving nozzle for an optimized filling cycle
  • Positive pick and place brush insertion station
  • Positive pick and place cap placement and pre-tightening station
  • Independent final cap torquing station with torque control
Bambino Arlecchino™ (Inline Single Index)

Optional Features:

  • Automatic bottle cleaning station
  • Vision system for integrity inspection

Bambino Arlecchino™ (Inline Single Index)

* Speed and performance criteria are subject to testing with actual samples.
** BPM = Bottles Per Minute.