Monoblock Systems

Bambina™ (Inline Single Index)

What makes the Bambina™ unique is that sewed in its logo is the main reason it was conceived to support breast cancer research.

Bambina™ (Inline Single Index)

  • Clean
  • Fill
  • Cap
  • Label

Application :

  • Filling|
  • Plugging|
  • Capping|
  • Labeling


Up to 40 BPM**

Although the Bambina™ is a special edition Synergy monoblock, it offers all of the same benefits and features as a standard Synergy Bambino™. What makes the Bambina™ unique is that, as indicated directly in its logo, the main reason it was created is to support breast cancer research. Support for breast cancer research is something that Capmatic® truly takes to heart, as many families are touched by this disease on a regular basis and, being a family-run company, Capmatic® strongly believes in supporting this important cause.

The Bambina™ can be employed within any of the industries that Capmatic® caters to, as it follows all of our strict guidelines to comply with industry standards, while offering clients the opportunity to give back to a cause that has seemingly affected every one of us.

The packaging industry has been evolving for many years and in that time many female entrepreneurs and decision-makers have made their mark in the industry. In the hopes that this gesture will not only make an impact in the packaging world, but will also help contribute to putting an end to this horrible disease, a portion of the proceeds for each Bambina™ sold will be donated to a local breast cancer foundation.


  • To Operate at speeds up to 40* BPM
  • To fill liquid, semi-viscous and viscous products
  • To insert a plug, dropper tip or rubber stopper
  • To apply a screw cap, dropper cap, pump cap, crimp cap or press-on cap
  • To apply a pressure sensitive label
  • To be operated by one person
  • For quick, repeatable change-overs
  • With cleanroom capabilities
Bambina™ (Inline Single Index)

Standard Features:

•  Meets FDA requirements following cGMP guidelines
•  Automatic bottle feeding and accumulation system
•  High accuracy servo driven volumetric piston
•  Servo driven diving nozzle for an optimized filling cycle
•  Positive pick and place plugging or capping station
•  Positive pick and place cap or overcap placement and/or pre-tightening station
•  Independent final cap torquing station with torque control
•  Precise label application based on unique starwheel design

Bambina™ (Inline Single Index)

* Speed and performance criteria are subject to testing with actual samples.
** BPM = Bottles Per Minute.