Monoblock Systems

Eklips™ (Rotary Continuous Motion)

The Eklips™ system is a continuous motion rotary platform designed for efficiency. It is a full-featured multi-station monoblock that can be equipped for filling, plugging and capping at high-speeds.

Eklips™ (Rotary Continuous Motion)

  • Clean
  • Fill
  • Plug
  • Cap
  • Overcap
  • Label

Application :

  • Filling|
  • Plugging|
  • Capping


Up to 400 BPM**

Standard Features:

  • Tool-less removal of the in-feed screw and starwheels
  • Programmable turret height for the filling and capping turret
  • Self-draining manifolds
  • Programmable fill volume and fill speed recipes

Advanced Technology:

  • All filling valve functions controlled electro-pneumatically or electro-magnetically
  • Fill volume can be changed even while the machine is in operation
  • Microprocessor controls allow automatic fill correction
  • Out of tolerance bottles are automatically rejected
  • High-accuracy, up to +/- 0.1%*
  • Each filling station is continuously monitored for performance and accuracy
  • No container / no fill
Eklips™ (Rotary Continuous Motion)

Quality Construction:

  • Industrial PC/PLC controls
  • Euro guarding safety enclosure
  • 316 SS product contract parts and FDA approved materials


  • Industrial PC/PLC controls
  • Automatic product flow control
  • SPC controls (real time and historical date login)
  • Ethernet networkable, Tcp/IP

Available Options:

  • CIP/SIP systems
  • Dual turret
  • Intelichuck
  • Crimping heads for metal caps
  • Quality control, sampling station
  • Reject station
  • Validation documentation
Eklips™ (Rotary Continuous Motion)

* Speed and performance criteria are subject to testing with actual samples.
** BPM = Bottles Per Minute.