Optional Equipment

SynchroBlock™ (Desiccant/Cotton)

The SynchroBlock™ is designed for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications, and can be engineered in numerous configurations to handle both cotton and desiccant mixtures (e.g.: sachet, canister, etc.). Designed and built for a tool-less change-over system, it also has the ability to feed multiple desiccants and inverted U-Shaped insertions.

SynchroBlock™ (Desiccant/Cotton)

Application :

  • Round|
  • Square|
  • Rectangular Bottles|
  • Sachet or canister desiccant


Up to 240 BPM**

Features & Benefits:

The SynchroBlock™ was engineered and designed with space in mind. This unique equipment solution combines two systems on one platform, allowing for the smallest footprint possible, while maintaining speed, accuracy and efficiency. Containers are driven by a servomotor feed screw ensuring perfect synchronicity and allowing for complete traceability of any container. Faulty containers are rejected directly onto a single reject station via a vacuum star-wheel.

Standard Features:

  • Fully guarded with safety access doors
  • Servo-driven feed screw indexing system
  • Easy, repeatable change-over
  • Very limited usage of pneumatic and compressed air components system
  • Integrated vacuum reject star-wheel with positive faulty container tracking
  • Contact parts materials meet FDA regulation requirements
  • Compact design reduces floor space required and increases line efficiency
SynchroBlock™ (Desiccant/Cotton)

The Synchroblock™ comes in many configurations:

  • Sachet / Cotton
  • Canister / Cotton
  • Cotton / Cotton
  • Sachet / Canister / Cotton
  • Sachet / Canister

Possible Options:

  • Cotton dust extracting system
  • Dual roll feed magazine for longer autonomy
  • Dry air system to control humidity level
SynchroBlock™ (Desiccant/Cotton)

* Speed and performance criteria are subject to testing with actual samples.
** BPM = Bottles Per Minute.