Plugging & Capping Systems

RoadRunner® (Rotary Capper/Plugger)

The Road Runner® is a continuous motion rotary plugging/capping system designed for reliability and accurate high-speed operations.

RoadRunner® (Rotary Capper/Plugger)

  • Plug
  • Cap
  • Overcap

Application :

  • Plugging|
  • Capping


Up to 400 BPM**

Features & Benifits:

Available in many different configurations, the Road Runner® can comfortably perform at speeds ranging from 40* to 400* bottles per minute, depending on the number of capping heads selected.

The precise "pick and place" system ensures that the Road Runner® can easily handle a wide range of applications, such as child proof, R.O.P.P, aluminum, press-on with or without an orientation system (Intellichuck™), press or screw pumps and overcaps.

RoadRunner® Quattro Multi:


The Road Runner® Quattro Multi provides continuous motion rotary capping by combining proven craftsmanship and engineering with the latest technology in the world of packaging. This model of rotary capping allows full control of the bottle to be maintained throughout the entire process.

The Multi is designed with 4 integrated continuous motion rotary turrets able to place a pump cap with a positive stem alignment system, crimping the pump by using collet crimping heads, collar placement and overcap placement.

RoadRunner® Twin:


This compact high-speed capping platform is a unique solution to your capping requirements and maintains cGMP guidelines while following FDA regulations. Unique to the packaging industry, the Quattro4 Twin is designed to utilize a flexible combination of different closing applications on the same platform.

* Speed and performance criteria are subject to testing with actual samples.
** BPM = Bottles Per Minute.