Plugging & Capping Systems

BeltStar™ (Inline Belt-Driven) (Re-torquer)

The BeltStar™ technologically advanced re-torquing system allows for programmable recipe-driven change-overs, the capacity to display true application torque, and 100% torque verification capability through the HMI.

BeltStar™ (Inline Belt-Driven) (Re-torquer)

Application :

  • Screw Cap|
  • Screw Pump|
  • Tightening


Up to 300 BPM**

Features & Benefits:

Capmatic® has redefined the meaning of quality and control with its line of BeltStar™ inline cappers. As part of the company’s rollout of tablet packaging equipment, the BeltStar™ staggers its adversaries by providing extensive control and accuracy when handling bottles and tightening caps.

Without the use of conventional spindles, the BeltStar™ puts itself ahead of the game when it comes to inline capping. The BeltStar™ uses servo-driven belt systems to tighten the cap, giving it a considerable contact area ensuring perfect control during the tightening sequence to achieve optimal torque control on every cap. This innovative and superior method of inline capping offers a reduced number of rejects, improving the overall efficiency of the line.

BeltStar™ (Inline Belt-Driven) (Re-torquer)


  • Meets FDA requirements, follows cGMP guidelines
  • Servo-driven belt final tightening system
  • Application torque feedback capabilities
  • Quick, repeatable, tool-less change-overs
  • Full data report capability
  • Motorized height adjustment
  • No compressed air required

* Speed and performance criteria are subject to testing with actual samples.
** BPM = Bottles Per Minute.