CF-2V™ (Vacuum Filter)

A tabletop semi-automatic liquid filler equipped with a vacuum pump, making it ideal for bottles with small openings able to sustain vacuum pressure.

CF-2V™ (Vacuum Filter)

Application :

  • Liquid|
  • Semi-Viscous Products|
  • Foamy Products

Fill Volume :

2 ml to 200 ml (0.06 oz. to 7 oz.)

Features & Benifits:

Designed to meet the special packaging needs of a wide variety of industries, the CF-2V™ is a semi-automatic vacuum filler designed for short production operations: filling glass containers with liquid, semi-viscous or foamy products. The system first evacuates the air inside the bottle, creating a vacuum effect that draws the product from the product tank into the bottle. After reaching the desired level, excess product is drawn into the vacuum chamber for recycling.  

The CF-2V™ is equipped with two mounted nozzles on a framed assembly. All nozzles are fabricated from stainless steel (316) with rubber neck seals and provide level control. Built on a non-corrosive aluminum base and stainless steel frame, the CF-2V™ is a low-maintenance piece of equipment designed to be reliable and hassle-free.

* Speed and performance criteria are subject to testing with actual samples.
** BPM = Bottles Per Minute.