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SorbStar™ (Desiccant Inserter)

SorbStar™ is the new sachet and canister desiccant inserter designed by Capmatic®. The frame of the SorbStar™ is made of anodized aluminums with a stainless steel exterior. The electrical and mechanical parts are located inside the frame of the machine for full protection. Bottles are indexed by a servo-driven in-feed worm mechanically synchronized with the dispenser, and bottle change-over can be completed very quickly without the use of any tools.

SorbStar™ (Desiccant Inserter)

Application :

  • Round|
  • Square|
  • Oval|
  • Rectangular Bottles|
  • Sachet or canister desiccant


Up to 300 BPM**

SorbStar Features :

  • Desiccant delivery confirmation sensor
  • No bottle – no desiccant
  • Back-up sensor at in-feed and out-feed of filling machine with automatic restart
  • Stainless steel panel control with strong stainless steel tubular holding post
  • Driven by PLC and HMI
  • Servo-motor bottle indexing mechanism
  • Mechanical tracking of faulty container with vacuum reject station
  • Fully guarded with safety access doors

The SorbStar Standard Benefits Include:

  • Reduced parameter settings
  • Modular design
  • Limited usage of pneumatic components
  • Ethernet connection and CFR 21 Part 11 compliant

SorbStar S:

  • Eye registration – a fibre optic sensor locates a register mark to cycle the machine
  • Belt advancement system driven by servomotor
  • Adjustable compress air belt pressure to allow tolerance of desiccant
  • Precise cutting mechanism with heavy-duty knife
  • Universal spool holder with quick reloading system
SorbStar™ (Desiccant Inserter)

SorbStar C:

  • Integrated desiccant elevator feeder with low loading hopper
  • Universal canister separator feeder
  • Adjustable canister indexing finger to feed up to 10 canisters in each bottle at one point

Sorbstar Possible Options:

  • Standalone dual motorized spool unwinder
  • Dry air system to control humidity level
  • Canister desiccant integrity inspection system
SorbStar™ (Desiccant Inserter)

* Speed and performance criteria are subject to testing with actual samples.
** BPM = Bottles Per Minute.