in 1964 by Lavinio Bassani ENG., Capmatic is still one of the most innovative manufacturers in the packaging industry. In the late 1970s, Canada, a country with a global reputation for quality manufacturing, invited Mr. Lavinio Bassani to bring his world-class abilities and expertise to their country. Intrigued by the potential, he decided to relocate his operations to Montreal, Canada in 1979. Since then, Capmatic has grown to become North America’s leading manufacturer of liquid, tablet and powder packaging equipment.

SINCE 1964,

the company’s unique solutions and unmatched manufacturing expertise have provided customers with the means to stay competitive in changing markets. Capmatic is known in the industry for its unique European design and ability to reduce production costs by integrating multiple packaging applications on monoblock systems. Our organization engages in manufacturing full turnkey packaging solutions, specializing in monoblocks, unscramblers, fillers, counters, pluggers, cappers, labelers and sleevers.


Capmatic designs and builds high quality, customized packaging solutions. We build things other people won’t. We do things other people can’t. We work from your specifications to design and build automated solutions. In addition to the machinery, we provide expertise for documentation, validation and installation. Customer service and after-sales support are our top priorities.


At Capmatic we provide extensive, personal assistance for developing validation documents that follow manufacturing processes, such as GAMP 5 (Good Automated Manufacturing Practice). Capmatic continues to implement the latest automation technologies, using the most innovative designs and modern methodology, to manufacture the finest in customized packaging systems, support equipment, and complete production lines.

Thank you very much for considering our company and for providing us with the opportunity to present our unique, flexible solutions. Capmatic has always offered its customers the most comprehensive line of quality-designed packaging equipment. We are committed to your success and our cost-effective solutions will provide your company with the competitive edge needed to secure challenging opportunities and expand your markets. Our long-term commitment is demonstrated through the continued investment in our people, our facilities, and in research and development. Our success is attributed to the growth of our customers and our staff. The depth of our service and talent makes us well positioned to meet the challenges of the global business environment. We are a company that acts globally, aligns regionally, and services locally.