Since 1964, Capmatic® has provided its customers with the means to adapt to the changing marketplace through its unique packaging systems and unmatched passion for excellence and innovation.

Cannabis Packaging Machinery relies on years of unmatched passion for excellence and innovation to deliver fully customized, market-ready cannabis packaging and line automation solutions.
If you are a business owner or entrepreneur looking for equipment to fill your e-liquid products, we will be pleased to discuss this opportunity with you. We have the knowledge, expertise and tools to get you started in no time and with minimal resources. E-cigarettes are a harm reduction tool, and one of the few businesses that will not only give you good financial returns, but you will also allow you to sleep better at night knowing that every day you are helping hundreds of smokers and thousands of people they call friends and family. If you are a business owner who understands the value in putting customers at the center of your business, we already have something in common!
The LabelStar® family of pressure-sensitive labeling machines provides a flexible and reliable way to handle all bottle types. Capmatic® labelers are designed to meet current FDA requirements and follow cGMP guidelines, while also ensuring quick and easy setups. Capmatic labelers were developed with pharmaceutical standards in mind, so they are built with a low-profile stainless steel base which makes them easy to clean and maintain.
Countlab® designs and builds equipment that delivers many benefits. Used around the globe, our products have proven to lower long-term operational costs. Countlab equipment combines innovative application engineering with a keen appreciation of packaging line productivity and efficiency in each of its designs. Countlab has designed and delivered a variety of equipment for diverse liquid, tablet and powder packaging applications. These systems are designed to improve the overall performance and efficiency of any packaging line.
SteelHeart leverages Capmatic's technological strength in R&D, dedication, integrity, and passion for quality to create a superior product that is globally renowned.