RoadRunner® Pharma (Rotary Crimper)
The RoadRunner Pharma represents the latest development in rotary continuous motion aluminum cap crimping technology. There are several innovative design features that make this machine an excellent choice for your next crimp capper. The RoadRunner Pharma high-speed rotary crimper is available in different models with 4 to 24 heads, operating at speeds of up to 400* bottles per minute. This model is designed for cleanroom environments.
Plugging & Capping Systems
Up to 400 BPM**


The turret is equipped with polished crimping rollers which roll-crimp seals onto vials. Each crimping head is control panel adjustable for vial height and crimp-cap diameter. Vials enter the turret via the infeed starwheel and are placed on seats that hold the vials during the crimping process.
The vial itself is rotated to minimize dispersal of particulates. The stopper compression force is fully adjustable.
The crimping rollers are spring-mounted and contact the cap via spring side pressure to firmly follow the vial contour.


Starwheels provide positive indexing control of the vials into and out of the capping turret. The infeed starwheel includes a vial sensor that initiates the component sending/control system for the subsequent steps.
The outfeed starwheel includes a crimp-cap sensor. The failsafe reject system automatically redirects any vials missing an aluminum cap to the stainless steel reject shelf.
* Speed and performance criteria are subject to testing with actual samples.
** BPM = Bottles Per Minute.