RoadRunner X5™
(Rotary Decapper)
The newest addition to the RoadRunner family, the RoadRunner X5 was designed with the pharmaceutical industry in mind, incorporating the latest capping technology available in the packaging industry. Regulations and requirements are constantly changing and expectations are consequently evolving. A fully servo-driven operating system, speed and precision control, make this machine unique. The technology incorporated in this capper allows for complete electronic management and feedback at your fingertips and eliminates the need for additional integrity options. As the industry changes, the machines must also adapt, but the RoadRunner X5 is definitely ahead of its time.
Plugging & Capping Systems
Up to 400 BPM**


  • • Programmable servo motor torque control from the control panel
  • Capping head height control with servo motor
  • Live graphical representation in in/lb. or N/cm
  • 100% verification system with data feedback capability for complete data report
  • Flexibility to handle from standard flat cap to screw pump with tube alignment system
  • Special pharmaceutical safety guarding system
* Speed and performance criteria are subject to testing with actual samples.
** BPM = Bottles Per Minute.